What we do.

Contrary to popular belief, strategic marketing is not necessarily all about a fancy website, shiny logo or impressive business cards. Although these are important tools in the small business world, are they the right tools for your business? This is where strategy comes into play.

At Little Red, we believe that these tools can only be effective if they evolve from a thoughtfully executed strategy. Thus, we strive to craft a precise combination of the following services to develop a comprehensive, tailored marketing strategy that is unique to your small business.

Strategic Services

  • Marketing Strategy & Planning: Set the stage for all future marketing activity and growth with a cohesive, strategic plan identifying your marketing vision and goals, and specific actions, timelines, and resources required to achieve those goals.
  • Communication Strategy & Planning: It should be no surprise that strong communication enhances any working relationship, be it internally among employees, or externally among customers, investors and other key stakeholders. The importance of developing a strong communication plan to ensure your mission, values, goals and key product information is heard cannot be understated.
  • Market Analysis: Helping you dig deeper to discover more about your industry, customers and competitors.
  • Business Planning: How does your new or enhanced marketing vision fit in with the remainder of your business strategy? Business planning is critical for managing the changes that will drive success. Business planning will help you identify new opportunities and define the resources required to move your business in the direction of your vision.

Creative Services

  • Brand Identity Collateral: Logo, business cards, stationary, and anything else you would like to use to introduce your brand to the world.
  • Communication Design & Delivery: Internal communications, case studies, white papers, web copy, newsletters, annual reports, document templates, and more. 
  • Investor Relations: Professionally communicate developments within your business to critical stakeholders.
  • Presentation Tools: Look the part with professionally designed materials, including presentation slides, handouts and event packages. 
  • Sales Force Materials: Leave a lasting impression with professionally written, custom designed sales materials, including product spec sheets, brochures, data sheets, company profiles, and case studies.

Internet Marketing Services

  • Website Design and Management: Are you looking to build or improve your Internet presence? 
  • Search Engine Optimization: Make it easier for your customers to find you with a custom Internet optimization strategy best suited to your goals and resources. 
  • Social Marketing Strategy: Not sure how to Tweet? What’s all this buzz about Facebook? We will help you through the do’s, don’ts, why’s and how’s of social marketing to determine if it is an effective marketing tool for your small business.

Promotional Services

  • Advertisement Design: See what meaningful, well-researched advertising in the right channels can do for your business.
  • Advertising Management: Not sure how to get your ad on the radio? On the Internet? On that billboard? Take advantage of our media procurement and management expertise to identify, negotiate, procure and execute ad space for your latest campaign.