Little Red Inc.

Little Red Inc. is a Calgary-based marketing consulting firm, specializing in strategic communications, marketing and brand development. Our expertise in communication planning and delivery and the design and development of marketing strategies have allowed us to be successful in our niche, supporting both large and small organizations. 

We are proud to work with businesses and organizations across Alberta, from accountants and artists, technology start-ups and realtors, and any discipline in between. Strategic marketing and communication development is our specialty, and no matter what industry you fit in to, these are undoubtedly critical pieces of your overall business strategy. 

With essentially unlimited marketing options and services available today, you need to work with consultants who are as agile, determined and focused as you are and who have the professional knowledge and tools to create results tailored to you – because, after all, the success of your business depends on it.

Whether you are looking to create an entirely new marketing strategy for your business or product, have a fresh set of eyes audit your current marketing program, update your branding, or if you just need a sounding board for your marketing ideas, we would love to hear from you.  To learn more about our professional services, please click here.